Daniel Acker: Documenting The US Presidential Campaign with Instagram

All images by Daniel Acker/Bloomberg. Used with permission.

Daniel Acker is a freelance photographer based in rural Illinois outside of Chicago. He’s been shooting for many years now, and the evolution in the way that news is transmitted in that time has been a remarkable one. As a contract photojournalist for Bloomberg, he also works for the New York Times and the Wall St Journal. So far, he’s been on the current presidential campaigns in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Florida.

“After a few conversations with some photographer friends I decided I would post some professional imagery alongside my personal stuff on IG.” says Daniel. “Within a few weeks of posting images from political events I was featured by Instagram, and I went from 600 followers to nearly 25,000. It was wild.

We talked to Dan about what it’s like covering the election season.

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