Daido Moriyama Is a Wealth of Gritty Street Photography Inspiration

The work of famed Japanese photographer Daido Moriyama is a potent source of inspiration for those in the mood for street photography in monochrome.

When it comes to street photography, we cannot talk about the gritty and punchy black and white aesthetic without mentioning Daido Moriyama. Hailed as the Godfather of Japanese Street Photography, he remains one of Japan’s most celebrated photographers, best known for his radical approach to the genre. Whether you’re new to his work or could use some street photography inspiration, this slideshow is certainly worth checking out.

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Book Review: Daido Moriyama How I Take Photographs

Is it snapshot photography or street photography? We find out in Daido Moriyama’s new book How I Take Photographs.

How I Take Photographs is an insight into the workflow and creative thinking of Daido Moriyama. Divided into six sections, readers are given an introduction to “snapshot photography,” taken to five shooting locations, and allowed a look at the “real Daido Moriyama.” I wanted to like this book, but I’m struggling to detach from the persistent question “where does this belong in 2019?” Conflicted, I keep returning to the book, and doing my best to connect with the objective of both the author and the publisher. How I Take Photographs isn’t bad, but I feel it’s struggling to find its place in the photobook world. Let’s take a closer look.

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This Documentary Will Satisfy Your Curiosity About Daido Moriyama

This documentary on Japanese photographer Daido Moriyama should be on your photography-related playlist.

Daido Moriyama has long been an iconic figure in the realm of street photography. He was noted for his depiction of the breakdown of traditional values during post-war Japan. Today, he’s revered for his gritty black and white photographs that present a distinct perspective about Tokyo. If you’re feeling stuck in a rut and in need of something to bring back your street photography mojo, watch this classic documentary that follows one of Japan’s most prolific and esteemed street photographers.

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Review: The Hasselblad X1D for Street Photography

All images and text by Jonathan Higbee.

I like to work a scene when I’m out shooting the streets. I find a vibe or background or light or whatever that exudes life, and I drain every last drop of potential the hell out of it. In attempting to capture a split-second candid moment, it’s absolutely critical I use a camera that’s quick, easy and inconspicuous. In the interest of remaining a stealth street photography ninja, it never seemed possible that I’d be able to make candid photos with any bulky, slower-paced and very obvious digital medium format camera. In June 2016, Hasselblad announced the first mirrorless digital medium format camera, the X1D-50c. Suddenly, it appeared the barriers to obtaining that “medium format look” in street photography had been demolished.

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