Cheap Photo: Holiday Camera Deals on The Nikon D500, D750, D810 and More!

These Nikon camera deals will jingle your bells this holiday season.

There are some excellent Nikon camera deals for the holidays. The D3500 with two lenses is just $496.95!! The D5600 is a steal for just $696.95!! The D7500 with the 18-300mm lens can be yours for $1,776.95, saving you $220, and if you want to go Full Frame and get a camera that’s a favorite with pro photographers you can snag the D750 with 24-120mm lens and multi-battery power pack for $1,396.95; a whopping discount of $636.95!! There are also exceptional deals to be had on the Nikon D500, and the Nikon D810.

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Cheap Photo: Gobble Up These Thanksgiving Nikon Deals; Save Hundreds

Thanks to these Nikon camera deals, now is a great time to buy a new Nikon camera for yourself or for the photographer in your life.

Thanksgiving is here and the camera deals are starting to pour in. You can save some big money right now on Nikon cameras, from their entry level to their pro grade gear. Pick up the powerful, easy to use Nikon D3500 with two zoom lenses for just $496.95, or save big when you buy the D5600 double zoom kit for $696.95!! The D7500 with the 18-300mm lens can be yours for $1,776.95, saving you $220! If you want to go Full Frame you can snag the D750 with 24-120mm lens and multi-battery power pack for $1,396.95; a whopping discount of $636.95!!

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Nikon Camera Guide: Our Four Favorite Nikon Cameras for Beginners, Hobbyists, and Pros

photography gear

Whether you pronounce it Nikon, or Nikon (I know you said those differently in your head), there are Nikon Cameras that are perfect for beginners to pros.

Nikon cameras are some of the best in the DSLR world. This has been proven time and time again. They are solidly built, offer outstanding image quality, and are easy to use. Couple these things with the fact that Nikon cameras have a massive library of first and third party lenses, and you begin to see why switching allegiances makes sense to some.

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Cheap Photo: Snag the Sony A6000 + 16-50mm and 55-210mm Lens Bundle for just $598, Plus More Crazy Camera Deals!!

camera deals

These are some of the best camera deals we have seen during this pre-holiday sales season!

If you’re in the market for a new camera, or have been wanting to buy one for the photographer in your life, you won’t want to miss out on these camera deals. This edition of Cheap Photo is bursting at the seams with excellent camera deals (including the Sony A6000 plus two lens combo, and the A7 II plus lens kit), Lightroom and Photoshop actions, presets and overlay deals, tutorials, and much more.

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Deal Alert!! Grab the Sony A7 II + 28-70mm Lens for Just $998, Save Hundreds on Pro Retouching Software!

The crazy good pre-holiday photography deals are coming in thick and fast so act quick and don’t miss out!

There are some really great photography deals to be had right now, and there are some major bucks to be saved on cameras, SD cards, software, and accessories. In this edition of Cheap Photo we are bringing you all of the best deals from around the web so that we can save you time, and money.

The stand out deals right now are the Sony A7 II with the 28-70mm lens bundle which is just $998. This represents a savings of $600. The Nikon D750, D810, and D500 all have massive discounts on them too when you buy them with the Nikon promotional grip and lens bundle, and you can save $275 on Professional Skin Retouching Software which is just $15 right now! Hurry fast though because this software deal end in 48 hours. Read on to see all of the other amazing photography deals we have found.

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Five Amazing APS-C and Micro Four Thirds Cameras for Wildlife and Nature Photography

concert photography

Wildlife and nature photographers spend the vast majority of their time outdoors, capturing images of birds of prey, all the way down to insects that roam around on the ground. But what are the best cameras to consider for these genres of photography?

APS-C based cameras are perfect for these two genres of photography thanks to their crop factors. Canon’s bodies offer a 1.6x crop, Nikon bodies 1.5x, Sony crop bodies have a magnification of 1.5x, Fuji crop sensors have a 1,5x crop and micro four thirds systems have a crop of 2x. What does this mean? Basically any lens you use on your camera will have its focal range magnified. A Sigma 150-600 f5.6-6.3 on a Canon body will have an effective focal range of 240mm-960mm, suddenly you can see why APS-C and M4/3 cameras make sense for wildlife photography.

Here’s a look at five amazing APS-C and M4/3 cameras for both wildlife and nature photography.

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Cheap Photo: New Nikon Rebates on D750 and Other Gear!

full frame cameras

If you’re still into having a mirror in your camera then Nikon is still an excellent choice for your next camera purchase

There is no denying that DSLRs, despite their declining sales, are still entirely relevant to today’s markets, and if you are someone invested into Nikon’s DSLR systems already then your next upgrade should probably be within that system. Heck, maybe you tried mirrorless and think DSLRs are still better for you right now. Kudos! Here are some Nikon deals that dropped:

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Our Top Camera Recommendations For Wedding Photographers

It is no secret that the wedding photography niche is one of the most lucrative and ‘safe’ (as in, we don’t expect people to stop getting married and wanting pictures of it any time soon) photography markets in today’s industry. This means there is a never ending flow of new photographers picking up their cameras hoping to make it big in the wedding industry. While there is a lot to learn about the business of weddings, another avenue that should be considered as well is if the gear on hand is sufficient for a wedding environment.

Weddings are major life events for these couples and their families, they can’t just be redone like a portrait session can. This means it is mission critical you have reliable gear, capable of capturing the moments as they come, without slowing you down or making your life difficult. So to that end, today we have compiled a list of our top camera recommendations for wedding photographers.

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Which Nikon Camera Is Right For You?

Ok, now that we have covered all of the mirrorless brands, now lets get back to the trusty ole’ DSLR brands, starting today with Nikon. Nikon has a long history of being one of the most popular and well known camera brands out there, so there are likely many of you wondering which Nikon brand you should be considering for your experience, skill, and specialty.

Ready? Great, lets begin.
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