Martin Beddall: Tips From a Wedding Photojournalist

Hats at the ready as we are half way through our favourite time of year – wedding season! Beautiful dresses, flowers and memories that will last a life time – it’s one of the most special and important days, and having a great photographer there to capture these moments is priceless.

Martin Beddall has been working in the photography industry over 25 years. His background is in national newspapers and magazines having worked for The Times for over ten years and capturing some extremely special and unique moments along the way. It’s this passion to record important moments that led Martin to wedding photography. Here, Martin tells us how he uses his photojournalistic eye to capture the emotional, happy and often chaotic moments of wedding day through his award-winning reportage photography.

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It’s 2016: Why Don’t Flagship DSLRs have WiFi Built in Yet?


This is the Nikon D5 flagship DSLR: it was announced yesterday at CES 2016. It’s got lots going for it and will surely be purchased by every major buyer for the wire services, photojournalists, wedding photographers, etc. But did no one notice the really weird thing about it? Yes, it’s going to have great image quality and 14 fps–and still there is no WiFi, Bluetooth or NFC connectivity. Instead, you have to use the external adapter.

It’s 2016 and not a single flagship DSLR camera is WiFi capable right out of the box yet the feature would greatly benefit many photographers.

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