Nikon Releases Firmware Updates For Older Cameras to Support the New 800mm


If you’re an owner of an older Nikon DSLR and refuse to upgrade, note that the company is helping you out in at least one way. First off, you’re getting a new firmware update today if you’re a D300, D300s, and D700 user. The firmware update details state, “Support for the AF-S NIKKOR 800mm f/5.6E FL ED VR has been added.”

Nikon is also giving a firmware update to their P7700 camera users. The fix has to do with the ISO being locked in at 80 when set to Auto ISO, the camera set to manual and a speedlight in the hot shoe. We’re not sure who exactly is doing this, but oh well!

All firmware updates are available at their according links in this piece.

Via Nikon Rumors

Cameras To Look at if You Have Gear Acquisition Syndrome

Captured with a Nikon V1

Here I was last night writing the Sony NEX-6 review and I was just ranting. Not that the camera is bad, there just happened to be something that irked me. I snapped out of my man child fit that I was in and started laughing to myself. A perfect video came to mind featuring one of my favorite comedians Louis C.K. The video is titled “Everything’s Amazing and Nobody’s Happy” and it’s him telling Conan how much we suck and don’t appreciate the things we have. When I first started photography in 2005 I was quite ignorant, I loved the Nikon D50 that I had newly purchased from a local store. A local photography store because at the time the internet wasn’t all the rage yet (to me at least) or had it matured enough to where it is now. Sites like this one flood the internet with tips, news and opinions… boy oh boy do I wish I started photography in 2012.

Nobody’s happy with new gear because we are well informed and because of this easy access to news. Some people let out some well deserved complaints about certain camera companies or are just jealous of features that others may have. A while ago I saw a used original Canon 5D sell for something around $500 dollars and it blew my mind. That was the start and the inspiration behind this article. There are so many deals out there on used gear that if I were to start photography now in this year I would buy instead of a consumer body.

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