Martijn Doolaard Photographs Extreme Cycling in Kyrgyzstan’s Winter

All photos by Martijn Doolaard. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Bitten by the travel bug and now craving for an adventure of a lifetime? That’s exactly what our featured travel photography project will inspire in you today. If you have a great love for the outdoors and are keen on embarking on your own journey of self-discovery, you’ll want to have some stunning photos to serve as a keepsake of your trip. You might also want to get some ideas from designer, photographer, and filmmaker Martijn Doolaard, who spent a year cycling from his hometown in Amsterdam all the way to Singapore. Now, let’s take a few pages off his travel diary to get a glimpse of the harsh terrain he had to traverse as he cycled through Kyrgyzstan.

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Ignacio Gonzalez: Photographing Cyclists With Kodak T-Max

All images by Ignacio Gonzalez. Used with Creative commons permission.

More and more, the idea of photographing lifestyle imagery with film is becoming popular. Heck, even disposable cameras are moving more into the fore. It’s a slap in the face to the very highly curated and almost perfect imagery that’s often put across on Instagram and other platforms these days. So when Ignacio Gonzalez decided to photography cyclers in Spain with a Voigtlander Bessa R2 and Kodak T-Max, one can easily imagine all the potential for great photos.

Bikes in and of themselves involve lots of geometry, which lends itself to the nature of how Kodak T-Max works with tones at both ends of the histogram. But then you combine it with people, architecture that a city offers, routes, etc and what you end up having is a series of photos that are absolutely begging to be printed.

Part of what makes these photos so special is the lighting. These images have very soft lighting due to the cloudy coverage. In fact, there are pretty much no shadows. And so to that end, Ignacio is more or less simply relying on tones in the scene to create and capture better scenes. Then in the development phase, he most likely worked with the film in a way to bring more contrast out of it. His embrace of the quickly moving scenes, blur, and the sharpness of details all within one subject help to really illustrate cycling life in Northern Spain.

The Cub and Co All City Cycling Strap is Designed for Photographers who Bike

The folks over at Cub and Co have been pretty busy creating cool stuff for city dwelling photographers, and their latest offering is the Cub and Co All City Cycling strap. The makers of the Shooter Strap and the Shooter bag are targeting their newest offering at the photographer who likes to take bike rides and carry minimal gear–and there’s a ton of those at least here in NYC. To that end, the strap is designed to work and function almost like a sling style camera bag.

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Life in Focus: Jeff Curtes on Traversing The Globe With Action Sports


All images owned by Jeff Curtes. Used with permission

Jeff Curtes is no stranger to the action sports world, having lead the pack on the snowboarding industry’s imagery since 1992. He has also been the lead photographer for Burton Snowboards since 1994. With Burton, Jeff has traveled the world and seen some of the most incredible terrain our Planet Earth has to offer. He now finds himself behind the lens capturing the fast paced world of competitive cycling, and we had a chance to catch up with Jeff and talk a little about his career.

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