Cool Tip: Add a White Plastic Cup To Your Lens When Shooting Macros


Sometimes getting soft light for Macro images can be tough if you don’t have very much control over the lighting. But a new tip published on Lynda can help you solve some of those problems on the cheap. They’re telling you to attach an opaque white plastic cup to the front of your lens after cutting the bottom off and by using Gaffers tape. Once that is attached, put the cup down on top of the subject.

The effect is more stability (ie less camera shake), keeping the subject in one spot more or less, and soft light diffusion. In fact, we’d be inclined to also add that you should use the pop-up flash on your camera to add extra bounce light from the surface and also provide even more soft light.

Of course, you should consider that if you’re doing this in a spot with sufficient light, then you’ll really need to crank up your ISO.

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