Beautiful and Nearly Perfect. Billingham Eventer MKII Review

Messenger bags have always been my favorite when it comes to hauling gear. I have been searching for something comfortable, functional, durable, protective, and stylish. Many manufacturers create unattractive yet comfortable and practical bags. Or the bags are beautiful but, apart from aesthetics, they don’t make a lot of sense. However, the Billingham Eventer MKII looks to check all the boxes on my wishlist.

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The ONA Campbell Series Was Inspired by Vintage Lens Cases

The ONA Campbell series are made by traditional Moroccan leather workers. 

Leave it ONA to take the idea of the lens case and find a way to make it super pretty–that’s what the new ONA Campbell series of bags are all about. You see, these aren’t really bags at all. Instead, they’re straight up lens cases. If you’ve never seen these, everyone used to make them. They were designed for when you didn’t want to carry a whole lot of stuff around; your camera would be around your neck and these extra lens pouches would hang around your chest or be in another bag. The ONA Campbell is reinterpreting those cases and making them appropriate for all sorts of small things you may want to tote along with you.

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