Simulating the Look of Ilford FP4 Black and White Film with Your Sony Camera

When you consider the history of Ilford film, Delta probably gets the most love despite another film like Ilford FP4 being highly capable and perhaps even better at delivering a look that so many modern digital photographers try to emulate. Through lots of experimentation though, I’ve been able to find a way to mimic the look of the film with a Sony a7 or Sony a7r II. It’s a fact, if there is one thing beyond battery life that photographers complain about with Sony cameras then it’s sometimes the colors. The camera company has been known to deliver incredibly saturated (sometimes a bit too much) colors in their images. This partially comes from the lenses that they work with. To get the best absolute best colors that you really want, I suggest leaving Lightroom for Capture One 10. But if you’d just like some great images which you’ll be fine with when it comes to the JPEGs then consider this short tutorial.

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The Importance of Looking at Photos as Well as Shooting Them

Chris Gampat Film scans from pinhole and personal 2014 (2 of 17)

Think about why you got into photography. You were probably inspired by someone else or you liked what you could create. Then you went about researching how to become better. To that end, you probably ended up studying the work of specific photographers, looking at them, etc. That went onto looking at the work of photographers in Flickr, 500px, Instagram, etc. All that time, you were not only looking at images and building your own understanding of what pleasing images look like, but you were trying to figure out how you could do that too.

This act of looking at photos, internalizing them and pondering over them is something that is so incredibly important to a photographer’s growth. The biggest reason: you never stop learning.

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