How to Light and Photograph a Wedding Ring on the Cheap

ISO 400

ISO 400

When it comes to photographing wedding rings, lots of work is usually involved to make them look natural and to bring out all the details that you possibly can. At least that’s what you’ll need to do if your client wants that specific photo. While many photographers will use a Macro lens, ring flash (no pun intended) or a flash with a reflective panel, Photographer Craig Wilford has a different idea.

Craig’s idea involves using a video light, two glasses (wine and shot glass), a napkin, and of course the rings. Mr. Wilford’s method surely is simpler, but doesn’t guarantee you the pure sharpness that a good flash can offer. His trick involves using the wine glass to diffuse the video light and give specular highlights to the image that brings out all the little details you’d possibly want. It’s a nice trick if you’re a photographic assistant, but we’re not sure that many photographers would use it. These ring photos are the standard issue ones, but there are loads of other methods that work and are more creative that your clients may also love.

The ring shots are on our giant list for wedding photo essentials, Craig’s video on how to light and photograph a wedding ring is after the jump.

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