Developing a Creative Vision in Portraiture

All images by Giulio Sciorio. Used with permission.

We live in time where technology has removed most technical barriers with photography. For the portrait photographer in particular, virtually any camera for sale today will give you what you need technically. When the majority of baseline technical tasks in an image are no longer a factor what remains is vision.

Vision is your unique signature on how you see the world. You already have that vision but you’ll need to develop it so that when others see your work they know it’s origin. Photographs with a unique vision speak for you when you’re not able to. They tell the viewer something about the subject in a way that only you can. As you build your vision, you’ll notice that others will hire you for that vision and if your vision is unique you have no competition.

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The Idea of Craft vs Creativity in Photography


We, as photographers, are well known amongst society to be likened to words like creativity, camera, lens, wedding, portrait, Instagram, and lots more. But it has also become known that we, as photographers, are creatives. And with that comes an even bigger issue.

Have you ever looked to a scene, saw a moment that you absolutely loved and wanted to capture it right then and there in just the way that you saw it? We all have; but chances are that instead of you actually seeing it in that way, your mind’s eye romanticized it. Because of this, you need to find a way to create the scene.

Again, we’re going to repeat: you need to find a way to create the scene.

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