Is It Everything You Need? K+F Concept Filter Package Review

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If you like convenience, then the K+F Concept Filter Package gives you a ton of it. In the same package, you’ll get an ND, CPL, and a UV filter. Better yet, they’re magnetic. Magnetic filters have had varying degrees of build quality over the years. But most of all, they’re quick and easy to use. It goes without saying that lots of folks love convenience. Anything you can do to save time works! Yet, at the same time, if you’re a seasoned landscape photographer, you’re probably always early to the scene. So does the K+F Concept Filter Package really belong in your camera bag?

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A Professional Twenty in One Kit – Freewell Magnetic VND Filters

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Variable Neutral Density (VND) filters have traditionally had a negative connotation attached to them. This is because of the dreaded X pattern that appears as you rotate the filters to obtain varying degrees of density. The folks at Freewell claim you won’t experience this when using their new Magnetic VND filters. They’re not wrong. During three days of testing, I never once faced anything close to this image-killing X when using these filters. What’s more amazing is that they double as CPL filters if you flip them around. Freewell has done an outstanding manufacturing job with these filters. Read more to see how they fared in our review.

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