So You Want to be on a Book Cover – A Guide


This blog post is being syndicated from Sarah Ann Loreth’s blog. It and the images in this post are being used with permission.

So you want to be on a book cover. Perhaps you’ve seen other photographers accomplish this but you’ve never quite known how. Maybe you walk through the stores scrutinizing and studying every book. I know I did. It has always been a dream of mine to be on a book cover. Growing up, I was very shy and never had a lot of friends, so instead I read. Getting lost in each character was a comfort. I lived for the smell of the old paper pages. My favorites were used text books and poetry because you could get such an understanding of the previous owner by the writings in the margins.

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Life in Focus: Scott Markewitz on Shooting Over 400 Magazine Covers

Man road biking, Marin Headlands, California.

All photos by Scott Markewitz, used with permission.

Scott Markewitz has been a photographer with a vision for many years. He has travelled to many places shooting outdoor sports and skiing for a while. In fact, Scott has over 400 magazine covers to his name–which is quite an astonishing feat. So when we asked him what made for a great ski photo, he gave us a simple answer that was brief and to the point since he’s been thinking about it for so many years.

We managed to find some time in Scott’s busy schedule to talk to him about the industry.

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