Maybe She’s Born With It, Maybe it’s…Photoshop? L’Oreal Pulls Certain Ads


According to Business Insider, L’Oreal is pulling a couple of ads due to excessive photoshopping. This decision came from an internal audit and from rival Cover Girl–who claimed the ads were misleading. As you can see from one of them above, they probably really are–but I believe that most Americans are smart enough to understand the play on the designs, right? I can’t imagine a Bride saying to herself, “Oh! I want to have cat eyes for my wedding so that my photographer will capture me at my most exotic. So I’ll use Maybelline and my fiance will never be able to resist me!”

Either way, there has been a backlash against retouching in general in the mainstream media for a while; and some of it has been coming from Dove. Israel has also stated that all ads with photoshop applied must clearly state that the model has been digitally manipulated. And it really makes me wonder if politician will spend more time worrying about what retouchers do than trying to fix the world’s current economic crisis.