Review: Masters of Photography With Albert Watson

Masters of Photography is back again with a new online course. This time you will be given in-depth knowledge from the prestigious fashion and portrait photographer, Albert Watson.

From the first minute I picked up a camera I had that passion. And when I was shooting last week I still had that passion” says Watson. An opening statement that gives the student reassurance they’re about to learn from someone still enthusiastic about the art form. With our excitement bubbling over, let’s take a deeper look at Albert Watson’s Masters of Photography course…

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Review: Masters of Photography: Joel Meyerowitz

Joel Meyerowitz is Yoda.

That’s what I said to myself 20 minutes into his new MasterClass offered by Masters Of Photography. We rarely get to learn from the true legends of photography. And maybe that’s a good thing, because the best photographers aren’t always good teachers. So let’s dig in and see exactly what Joel Meyerowitz offers as an instructor.

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April 24th: World Pinhole Day Workshop in NYC

Pinhole image

April 24th is World Pinhole Day–a day for all pinhole photographers to get out there and shoot in celebration of the old school format!

Right here in NYC, The Phoblographer is teaming up with Lomography for our very own World Pinhole Day Celebration with a cool photowalk. If you’ve never shot pinholes, have shot them and want to do them in a more social space, then sign up!

The workshop/photowalk/course gives you:

  • A brief, in-person tutorial on pinhole photography
  • One roll of 120 film with development
  • You’ll be able to use the Diana F+ camera to do this, and Chris will teach you how
  • Personal instruction during the photowalk
  • A mini digital course packet

We’ll walk to a super fun location along the waterfront for shooting pinholes and when we’re all done we’ll head back to the Lomography gallery store. If you’d like, you’ll be able to submit your images to Chris for a personal critique.

Sign up here.