I Used to Say, “I’ll Never Do Weddings.” Then I Shot One.

All images and guest blog post from Nathan Hostetter. Be sure to also check out his instagram.

The phone call was great; the groom and I had a lot in common and he sounded really excited to have me photograph the wedding. I made sure he understood I had never shot a wedding before and that,  based on the budget, I would not be bringing a second shooter. The groom (also named Nathan) told me they weren’t looking for traditional wedding photos. He explained this would be a small wedding, no wedding party, and no expectation of a shot list.

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Report: UK Couples Favor Uncle Bob to Wedding Photographers

*sigh* it seems like Uncle Bob could be winning the wedding photography wars…

In the UK, couples are ditching wedding photographers in favor of amateurs and GoPros; at least that’s what a report from Amateur Photographer is stating. So rather than paying an experienced professional, they’re going for friends, friends of friends, relatives, and essentially crowd sourcing their wedding using hashtags on Instagram.

It’s a sign of the times; but honestly, we should have seen this coming.

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Watch this Quadcopter Attempt to Film a Wedding Couple, But Instead Crash Into the Groom


We’re not sure who we’d rather hate to be right now: the groom or the creative trying to film him and his bride on their special day. The video below is of Youtube User Weddingman123 trying to fly a quadcopter over the wedding couple. He apparently practiced it many times but this time around, he underestimated the lift and instead crashed right into the groom.

Even better: the bride asked that he put the video online. Check it out below.

Via Imaging Resource

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