Cotton Carrier: The Action Hero is the Dumbest and Most Brilliant Product Video We’ve Seen in a While

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One of the very first products that we reviewed on this website was the Cotton Carrier. And though I could never personally warm up to it, I have to admit that it did a pretty solid job at what it did after some refinements. Seemingly late for Comic Con, the company decided to pay homage to Spider Man in their latest product video demonstration–except that its freakin’ awesomely cheesy and awesome. It even involves a parkour artist showing off just how sturdy the Carrier is.

The company is encouraging people to share it via Facebook–where you might win a $300 gift certificate to one of their retail partners.

The video is after the jump. Get ready to have your socks knocked off.

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Cotton Carrier Announces New Hand Strap with Arca Swiss Plate


Hand straps are meant for the photographer that prefers to hold their camera in their hand and not get tangled up in a big, long neck strap. Cotton Carrier has had their hand strap out for a while, but today they’re announcing a version with an Arca Swiss Plate that goes into the camera’s tripod socket via a 1/4 20 screw.

The Cotton Carrier hand strap has adjustable velcro and the plate is made of anodized aluminum. In real life use, this will mean that you can put the camera right onto your tripod head without needing to take off the strap at all. That’s pretty darn nifty for sports photographers on the go.

The new Cotton Carrier Hand Strap goes for $19.95, there is still no word on a release date yet.

Custom SLR Announces “M-Plate” Universal Tripod Plate

Custom SLR, a Kickstarter-funded venture based in the SF Bay Area, has announced their latest product, the “M-Plate” universal tripod plate. The “world’s first universal tripod plate to offer built-in Manfrotto RC2 and Arca-Swiss connections as well as attachment points for accessories” (press-release) attaches to any tripod and can be used in combination with a number of different camera strap systems, such as Custom SLR’s own C-Loop strap mount, the BlackRapid, Spider Holster, Sun Sniper, Cotton Carrier, and any other system that is mounted in the tripod socket.

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Field Review: Cotton CarryLite (Day 2)

Press shot of photographer with Carry-Lite and dual holsters.

Quick access to your gear without weight on your shoulders is something of a holy grail for many working – or walking – photographers, and the Cotton CarryLite certainly addresses those issues for many shooters. For day two of my test of the Cotton Carrylite, I took the integrated belt, shoulder strap, holsters and tethers out to shoot a couple of motorcycles for the bike magazine I work for.

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Field Review: Cotton Carry-Lite (Day 1)

The camera strap has been with us a long, long time, but carrying heavy cameras on it is a relatively new phenomenon. Back in the day heavy cameras were invariably used on tripods, and only lightweight cameras used hand-held. These days we seem to carry a ton of gear: Cotton Carrier is building camera carrying systems to take away that strain, and also provide better security for your gear against inadvertent drops and slips.

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Photography Accessories I've Learned to Ditch

In my time as a photographer and tech journalist, I’ve tried out loads and loads of items. All reviews have been very fair: pointing out the good and offering recommendations on improvement rather than full out blaring criticisms. After going through my accessories recently and clearing out my photography bag to carry only what is essential, I’ve found that there are items that I really don’t use anymore. Check them out along with my explanations after the jump.

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