We Asked Photographers Why They Bring Their Cameras Everywhere

We wondered why some photographers bring their cameras with them everywhere, so we asked them.

There’s the old idea that photographers should bring their cameras everywhere with them. But of course, not every photographer does that. For the ones that do, we wondered exactly why. For years, I always thought it was just photojournalists who did this. But it’s a lot more than them. We asked a few photographers to tell us why they bring their cameras with them. In some cases, they feel like it’s part of them being their best selves. But it’s also a part of their identity.

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The Psychology of Pricing Your Photos

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer DNP DS40 printer review images (4 of 10)ISO 4001-50 sec at f - 2.8

“I’ll charge you four hundred for this…” is what a friend told me on New Year’s day when I came over his apartment to hang out and when he started asking others if they’re interested in purchasing his photo prints. Some of them were nice, but honestly I understand pricing much better than he does. I wouldn’t pay him that price for an image considering many factors, one being that I’m a friend and I know that photography isn’t his dedicated living. I generally give friends of mine the “Friend rate” too.

But in front of me was a buddy of mine with a problem that many photographers face: what to charge for their work. And to be honest, it’s more about what it could be worth to the person than to you in some cases.

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