The New Sony Full Frame E Mount Lenses Expand the Lineup Even More


Just in case you wanted another reason to spend your hard earned money, Sony is announcing today a load of new lenses for the full frame E mount system: the 35mm f1.4, 28mm f2, 90mm f2.8, a 24-240mm f3.5-6.3 lens and converters for their APS-C lenses.

For anyone that has ever said that Sony doesn’t have enough lenses in their lineup, it looks like they’re pretty much ready to shut you up. The system now includes a handful of zooms and even more premium prime lenses.

Lots of the lenses have the Zeiss branding, but what we’re incredibly amazed by is the fact that the 35mm f1.4 has a working aperture ring that they’re starting is best for cinema shooting although it isn’t being branded as a cinema lens.

Techs specs and more images are after the jump. The Sony 24-240mm f3.5-6.3 will $999.99, the Sony 90mm f2.8 will cost $1099.99, the 35mm f1.4 will cost $1,599.99, and the 28mm f2 will cost $449.99.

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