“STOP CALLING IT PORN!” – Flickr Is Now Charging for NSFW

STOP CALLING IT PORN. This was the subject line of an email Flickr sent out recently. The press release says they are providing a safe space for ALL photographers to view what is typically deemed as pornography. The platform has failed to define what is risqué in its effort to offer inclusion by touting it isn’t porn. But they will be charging a fee of $8.25 monthly, or $72 annually, to upload content with their Pro account into what it considers the grey area.

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Portrait Photography Tip: ALWAYS Ask for Consent To Touch Your Subject or Model

Today I’d like to talk about something that I feel is really important in the portrait photography world: and that’s consent. To start this off, let’s begin with the story of how I was taught to originally take portraits. Years ago in photojournalism class, my professor asked me to pose someone for a portrait using his camera. I started off giving her (my subject) an idea, and like every other awkward person who doesn’t know what to do, I went in to try to move the subject. Then my professor told me to stop. He told me to instead ask her to do something. So I came up with an idea and asked her to move her hair, etc.

“Do you know why I asked you to do that, Chris?” He asked.

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