This Is One of the Most Compact Leica Camera Setups You Can Have

Every photographer wants a smaller and more Compact Leica camera setup.

The Leica camera, no matter the model, is always in demand. But the Leica CL has the hearts of many photographers. It’s the smallest M mount camera made. And on eBay, the Leica CL is crazy cheap right now. This isn’t the digital version with an APS-C sensor. (I always felt that was a slap in the face to that part of Leica’s history.) Instead, this camera uses 35mm film. It also boasts a light meter. The Leica CL was created in collaboration with Minolta. And there’s a very excellent and super small 40mm f2 Rokkor that is still one of Leica’s sharpest lenses. But there’s an even smaller lens for Leica M Mount that makes photographers’ hearts beat. That’s the MS Optical 28mm f2.

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