Canon Can Still Screw up the Canon EOS R5, If It’s Real. Here’s How!

We’re hoping that’s not going to be the case because the Canon EOS R5 sounds amazing, but, this is Canon we’re talking about here.

Do you hear that? That loud noise is the racket being made around the web about the potential Canon EOS R5 (basically a Mirrorless 5D series camera), and while the specs that have been bandied about sound fantastic, let’s stay grounded and remember this is Canon we’re talking about. If the specs are accurate, hallelujah: it will be one phenomenal camera. But, as I have said before, Canon seems to go all in, but then they hold back by 1% and self-sabotage. Let’s talk about this and the potential Canon EOS R5 after the break.

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A New Patent Reveals Canon is Finally Working on IBIS (It’s About Time)

Canon EOS R

There’s no telling when, but IBIS (In-Body Image Stabilization) will probably make its way to EOS R cameras in the near future.

In-body image stabilization is nothing new, and the benefits of the technology are plain for all to see, but some camera companies have been twiddling their thumbs and crying too much over poor sales to really pay much attention to it. Fortunately, a new patent shows that Canon is warming up to the idea of in-body image stabilization and the benefits it could bring to EOS R camera systems going forward. Continue reading…

Flagship Canon EOS R Camera Could Be in the Works for Early 2019

Canon cameras -EOS R

We may learn more about the speculated flagship Canon EOS R ahead of the CP+ 2019 camera and photo imaging show.

There’s only a couple of weeks left before the Canon EOS R is officially released, but there are already speculations about the next step for Canon’s first Full Frame mirrorless camera. According to a report by Canon Rumors, a “full-blown” version will be coming out sometime in February 2019, before next year’s CP+ camera and photo imaging show opening on February 28.

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Is Canon Working On Multiple 50mm F1.4 Updates?

The current Canon 50mm f1.4 lens dates back to 2003. 

For a long time in the Canon system one of the most widely requested lenses to be updated was the 50mm F1.8, and after year and years of praying, Canon finally gave us the [amazon_textlink asin=’B00X8MRBCW’ text=’50mm F1.8 STM’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’thephobl-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’28586261-c53c-11e7-a5cc-3f625f338c02′]. A modern nifty fifty for today’s DSLRs. But that left another lens in Canon’s lineup long overdue for an update as well, the 50mm F1.4 – and if the reports we are hearing are accurate, we may be getting at least one in the not so distant future. Continue reading…

Could Canon Be Planning a Square Sensor Medium Format Camera System?


Rumors have been abuzz about a very high megapixels Canon camera. And those rumors were numbering near the 75+ MP area. But according to what Photography Bay found on both Northlight and Canon Rumors, the company may be trying to get into the medium format game by actually creating a medium format camera vs taking the high megapixel full frame approach that Nikon did with the D800/D800E.

All this chatter brings up something from a while ago that people forgot about: the Square Sensor. Plus, these things already exist.

If Canon really is doing this, it might be something truly revolutionary–and they might even pack video into the camera too.