This Is What $13K Luxury Really Looks Like: Canon RF 600mm F4 Review

Super telephoto lenses have been sluggish to arrive in mirrorless mounts. Yet, Canon already has more long lenses than the older Sony E Mount. That’s partly because lenses like the Canon RF 600mm f4 L IS USM adapt the same optical design as the similar DSLR lens. Telling the new RF 600mm apart from the EF version is difficult to do at first glance. But, with closer inspection, the RF lens has a band of silver at the mount and is actually a little longer and slightly heavier. But, with backgrounds as soft as melted butter, Canon’s new 600mm mirrorless mount is just as made for wildlife and sports as the EF lens.

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The Canon EOS R3 Will Work So Great with These Lenses

The Canon EOS R3 is now in development, and Canon has new lenses that will work just great with it!

Apparently, we’re going to need to wait even longer for the Canon EOS R1. However, today the company let the world know about the new Canon EOS R3. It’s currently in development, and more details will come soon. One of the biggest new features is a return and revamp of an old Canon favorite. Back in the film days, variants of the Canon Elan 7 has Eye autofocus. Basically, you’d look in the viewfinder, look at a focusing point, and the camera would pick the focusing spot. That’s coming back with a major overhaul in the Canon EOS R3. Additionally, some cool new lenses are coming!

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