Is a $2,899 Lens Much Better Than a $649 Lens?

One would think a more expensive lens would outdo a cheaper lens. I mean, for the most part, that’s absolutely true. There are lots of big factors to take into consideration with lenses. There’s autofocus, image quality, weather sealing, and other tech. But we were curious to see whether the Canon RF 100-500mm L majorly outdoes the cheaper Canon RF 100-400mm lens. We’ve reviewed both, so we put together this short, informal comparison.

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Good for Birds? Canon RF 100-400mm f5.6-8 IS USM Review

If there is anything in this world that make me scratch my head, it’s Canon’s RF lenses that aren’t in their L series. With that said, the Canon RF 100-400mm f5.6-8 IS USM is an okay lens that could’ve been more. Granted, it’s also only $649. And for that price point, it’s offering a whole lot to photographers. At the same time, you’re probably going to find it both frustrating and liberating. However, if you’ve used the Canon RF 100-500mm L lens, you won’t want to go back.

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The New Cheap Canon RF Lenses Look Enticing — for Dry Photography

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Canon’s early RF mount lenses focused on pro rather than budget photographers. But, the company’s latest glass expands Canon’s list of under $700 mirrorless lenses. The Canon RF 16mm f2.8 STM is a lightweight pancake lens (sort of) that’s priced at $299.99. The new RF 100-400mm f5.6-8 IS USM, meanwhile, offers a lot of zoom for under $700. Despite Canon’s budget RF cameras like the Rp being weather-sealed, however, both of the newest cheap Canon RF lenses are not made for rain.

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