The Canon Rebel T6’s Food Mode Encourages Your Awful Restaurant Behavior


It’s a known fact that restaurant owners want folks to stop photographing their food and instead just eat the glorious work of art that they spent hours and days learning to make just perfectly for you to enjoy and to complain about the price. But it seems like Canon wants to encourage you to take your food photos–because that’s one of the biggest changes that on the new Canon Rebel T6.

It’s sort of a brand new camera. The major upgrades from the Canon Rebel T5 are:

  • An upgraded LCD screen from 460k dots to 920k dots
  • WiFi and NFC
  • DIGIC 4+ processor from DIGIC 4
  • Food mode
  • Scene intelligent auto mode

But otherwise, it’s mostly the same camera. Same 18MP APS-C sensor, same 3fps shooting, same 9 AF points, etc. The Rebel series of cameras aren’t at all bad; but they’ve seen very little true innovation since the SL1.

Tech specs are after the jump.

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