Watch These Canon Cameras and Lenses Get Cut in Half by Water Jet

Warning: These water jet cutter videos are pretty painful to watch. Make sure you hug your cameras and lenses after!

We spot a lot of photography related stuff on Reddit; a lot of it is downright cool, some is slightly unsettling. Today’s find falls under the latter, so you might want to proceed with caution. A thread titled “Cutting things in half with water” obviously doesn’t spell anything good befalling photography gear. Still, we followed a lead to the Waterjet Channel on YouTube, and found their videos slicing Canon cameras and lenses (a Canon Elan 35mm SLR camera, a Canon 17-85mm zoom lens, and a Canon G7X) in half. If you’re curious about how it’s done, and what the innards of this gear looks like, then watch the videos after the jump.

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Review: Canon Powershot G7x


The Canon G7x is a bit of an odd duck–while the company for many years has chosen to carve their own path for their products, the G7X is billed as being the little sibling to the G1X Mk II. But at the same time, it comes off as a nod to Sony’s RX100 series of cameras. In fact, it even uses a 1 inch sensor–though the company does not state where they got it from. But there are also characteristics of the camera that hold true and are in line with the S series that they created many years ago. For starters, there’s a giant control ring around the lens that clicks and that has always been looked at as a successful addition.

And while this sensor, a fair zoom lens, WiFi and a touchscreen all make up what the camera is, it also feels like Canon purposely tried to cripple the G7x.

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