Canon Doesn’t Really Need a High Resolution EOS R; They Need to Fix a Few Things

Canon cameras -EOS R

There are reports that Canon will release a new camera or two in the Canon EOS R category of products; and one could be high resolution.

Canon has had the Canon 5Ds and Canon 5DsR for a number of years now, so it only makes sense that they’d “update” those cameras by taking those older sensors and recycling them into a newer camera body. At least, that’s sort of what I hope won’t happen. I genuinely hope that if Canon’s Watch’s reports on a new high resolution Canon EOS R camera are indeed true that they’d develop a new high resolution sensor of some sort and not just recycle the older one. That is something that arguably is owed to their customers. But even beyond that, there are some big updates that could make this new Canon EOS R even better.

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