The 5 Best First Cameras for the Seriously Passionate Photographer

The world of passionate photography can be confusing, but these first cameras will help.

Everyone remembers when they decided to get their first camera. It was a very confusing time for them. Some folks do a lot of research while others just wing it. Well, we’ve got good news. Through the years, we’ve tested lots of cameras. Some are clearly not meant for newbies. And best of all, you don’t need to spend many thousands of dollars to get a good one or professional image quality. So you can do a grab job and impress all your friends at a fraction of the price. We’ve rounded up some of the best first cameras that any and every passionate photographer should get their hands on. Best of all, we’ve only selected the cameras that we’ve tested. So the advice comes to you from personalized experience.

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The Canon EOS M50 Is One of Their Most Popular Cameras, But Why?

eos m50

In Japan, the EOS M50 is outselling competing devices at a furious pace.

The Canon EOS M series of cameras have been around for a while, and while they aren’t class-leading devices, and despite the fact that they use a lens mount with few lens options, they seem to be selling rather well in some countries. A recent report shows just how well; the numbers are mind-boggling, but also show why Canon’s financials aren’t exactly making their bank managers happy. Join us after the break to take a look at the numbers, and to see why perhaps the M50 is selling better than anyone anticipated. Continue reading…

Canon Shoots for 50% of Interchangeable Lens Camera Market Share, Pushes Mirrorless Sales

Canon is going on the offensive on its mirrorless releases to push for a 50% increase in interchangeable lens camera market share.

Following the recent launch of the new entry-level Rebel T7 DSLR and EOS M50 mirrorless camera, Canon has been making rounds again with tidbits from its business plans. Through a recent tip to CanonWatch blog, we learned that the photography giant is not only doing well, but also plans of expanding its share in the interchangeable lens camera market by going on the offensive with their mirrorless camera sales.

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