Metabones Adds Sony A7 Support With Latest Adapter

Metabones Canon EF to Sony E Mark IV Product Image 1

Metabone, the makers of Speedboosters, are out with a new Mark IV version of its Canon EF to Sony E-mount lens adapter. The new smart adapter adds support the Sony A7 and A7R letting users mount all their full-frame Canon glass while retaining nearly same autofocus performance and aperture control.

The added Sony full-frame E-mount support means there’s a bigger inside hole, which will also makes the adapter better suited for tilt-shift lenses. Metabones has also added a new a matte anti-internal reflection coating to prevent any additional light from bouncing around inside the lens adapter.

As with the company’s other smart adapters, this one will let the camera power and full communicate with any Canon glass. This includes aperture control, AF motors, relaying EXIF information, and in-lens image stabilization. Of course the translation won’t be one-to-one, but the Sony A7 family of cameras all have focus peaking to lend a helping hand when dialing in your frame manually.

Metabone’s new Canon EF to Sony E-mount smart adapter is available now for $399. We expect Metabones will update the rest of its adapters with the same design soon and hopefully users will also be able to attach their full-frame Nikon glass to full-frame E-mount cameras shortly. Click past the break for more images.

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