OMG! Grab the Canon EOS R with Godox V1 for $1,499, 5D IV for $1,999

Holy Canon Cameras! These instant rebates on the Canon 5D IV and the Canon EOS R will most definitely make you jingle all the way!

We’ve seen some stunning camera deals over the last few weeks, but these offerings from Canon may well be the pick of the bunch. You can grab the Canon 5D IV (5D4) with a Flashpoint/Godox V1 for just $1,999, and the Canon EOS R with a Flashpoint/Godox V1 for only $1,499 (yep, you read that right, $1,499!!). There are other incredible bundles with these two Canon cameras too. Jump past the break to see all the deals on these two Canon cameras.

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Dem Tones: The Three Best Canon Cameras for a Portrait Photographer

These Canon cameras are perfectly suited for portraiture work thanks to their excellent features and access to some of the best portrait lenses in the business.

While Canon’s cameras may be lacking in features compared to some of the other cameras on the market, that does not mean they are any less capable when it comes to creating gorgeous images. Canon cameras can be found in the hands and studios of portrait photographers the world over simply because they are reliable, they produce consistently excellent results, and because they can use Canon’s infamous L series lenses. Best of all, the color depth on the sensors is incredible. The Canon cameras listed after the break are the three we would highly recommend any aspiring or pro portrait photographer to take a closer look at.

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3 of Our Favorite Canon Cameras for Capturing Stunning Landscapes

canon cameras

These Canon cameras, when paired with gorgeous L series glass, can help create some breathtaking landscape images.

There are some great Canon cameras perfect for landscape photography. Canon cameras are built incredibly well, they have weather sealing that can take all kinds of abuse while they’re out in the field, and they have sensors that can deliver a ton of detail. Add these features together, and throw in some of the quality glass available for both EF mount and RF mount Canon cameras, and you have a winning package for landscape photography. After the break, we will take a quick look at the three Canon cameras we love for making landscape images.

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