Could the Canon 1DX MK III Be Canon’s Last DSLR?

The Canon 1DX MK III is going to be a massive release, but will it be the final nail in the DSLR coffin.

2020 is going to be a gigantic year for camera manufacturers because of the Olympics. Nikon has stated they are working on the new Nikon D6, and the Sony A9 II seems to be taking shape nicely as well. That just leaves Canon. Canon’s last pro body camera, the 1Dx Mk II was released three years ago: to say it is due an update is an understatement. If recent reports are reliable the Canon 1DX MK III will grace us with it’s DSLR presence soon, but will it be the last DSLR from Canon? Let’s talk about this after the break! Continue reading…

What The Sony A9 II Needs to Take The Gold at The 2020 Olympics

The Sony a9 proved to be a great camera, but if Sony wants to be in first place at the 2020 Olympics, the A9 II will need to be quite extraordinary.

Most people have been expecting an update to the Sony a9, and given that next year is an Olympic year, we may see an a9 II here shortly. The original a9 was groundbreaking in many ways. While its specs made it look like a Nikon D5 and Canon 1DX Mk II killer, it didn’t gain the traction that Sony had hoped for among pro sports photographers. If there is going to be a Sony a9 II, it will need to score a perfect 10 if it wants to take home gold at the Olympics next year. Let’s take a quick look at what we think the Sony a9 II will need to be crowned champion. Continue reading…

What Could Canon Have in Store for a New High End EOS R?

Whatever Canon decides to do with the high end EOS R, one thing for sure is that they won’t be able to please everyone.

The Canon EOS R has been relatively successful for Canon since it’s launch, but the Canon faithful want more. Instead of coming out guns blazing, Canon played a safe card with the EOS R, and then laid down another with the EOS RP. But rumors about a new, high-end EOS R continue to swirl. If recent reports are to believed, it will be a powerhouse, but just what direction will Canon choose to go with it? Will it be a Mirrorless version of the high Megapixel 5DS, or will it be a tough workhorse like the 1DX that working pros have been clamoring for? Continue reading…

The Canon 1Dx Mk II Focuses on New Autofocus Enhancements


In what’s probably Canon’s worst kept secret in years, today the company is announcing the brand new Canon 1Dx Mk II flagship DSLR. This new DSLR camera is an upgrade to the original 1Dx–and like the Nikon D5, it features no built in WiFi but there is GPS integration.

The new Canon 1Dx Mk II features a 20.2MP 35mm full frame CMOS sensor, can shoot at up to 14 fps and 16 fps in Live View, Dual DIGIC 6+ imaging processors, 61 AF points that cover more of the viewfinder area, continuous red illumination for the AF points, and the ability to process 170 raw images at 14 fps with unlimited JPEG processing depending on which card you’re using.

The camera goes from ISO 100 to 51,200 with an extension to 409,600 if you choose. Even more interesting is the addition of a touchscreen–which only works with Live View mode and shooting video. But there’s a lot more to this camera too.

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