Under $1,000 for Cameras with IBIS and More? You Bet!

All the bells and whistles of modern cameras can be yours in these cameras that cost much less than you’d imagine.

Technology has come a long way. What used to be high-end features are now present in entry-level camera models. However, don’t let the term entry-level fool you. For under $1,000 these days, you can get Mirrorless cameras with IBIS, eye autofocus, excellent motion tracking, tilty flippy touchscreens, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, fast burst rates, and so much more. If you’re in the market for a camera that you can step up to from your smartphone, you have options. We’ve listed three cameras bursting at the seams with tech that used to be reserved for cameras costing much more. After the break, check out three cameras that will wow you for under a grand.

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12 Cameras with IBIS That Will Give You Superpowers

These cameras with IBIS allow you to get shots that should be impossible.

IBIS has quickly become a must-have for many photographers. A feature that used to be reserved for only high-end cameras can now be found in cameras of all price points. Cameras with IBIS allow you to create images that would otherwise be impossible to get. Image stabilization works so well that you’ll feel like you have superpowers. Cameras with IBIS can really open up new doors for many, and they’ll allow you to be more creative with your shots. These cameras with IBIS will also make shooting in low light conditions easier. If you have been looking for cameras with IBIS, these 12 should definitely be on your radar.

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Around $1,000 or Less: 7 Cameras With IBIS and More for Shaky Hands

If you’re looking for cameras with IBIS and you don’t want to destroy your bank account, check out the camera bodes we’ve rounded up for you.

Cameras with IBIS aren’t new, but it’s only in the last few years or so that the technology has worked its way into more affordable camera bodies. The benefits of IBIS are quite excellent. Being able to attach any lens to cameras with IBIS and take advantage of stabilization is a game-changer, especially when it comes to shooting in low light. There are now cameras with IBIS that cost a lot less than you might think. In this roundup, we will take a quick look at seven cameras with IBIS that can be snapped up for around $1,000 or much less.

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These 9 Cameras With IBIS Will Make Your Life as a Photographer Easier

Camera deals - Sony a7 III

Cameras with IBIS make low light shooting, videography, and many other things so much easier.

One of the best changes to cameras over the last five years or so has been the introduction of in-body image stabilization. Gone are the days of needing monopods and tripods to get low light images (unless you’re doing really long exposures) and sharp photos while using extreme super-telephoto lenses. Cameras with IBIS allow us to handhold cameras and get shots otherwise impossible without some kind of support. The great thing is that this technology has started to find its way into affordable cameras. After the break, we will take a quick look at a few of our favorite cameras with IBIS.

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5 Super Stabilized Cameras with IBIS That Cost Under $2,000

Camera deals - Sony a7 III

Cameras with IBIS (in-body image stabilization) can make a photographer’s life so much easier.

Cameras with IBIS have been around for a while, but it’s only in the last three years that the technology has become more prevalent. Sony made IBIS popular when they started using it in their Mirrorless cameras. They aren’t the only manufacturers who offer this tech in their cameras though. Another great thing about IBIS becoming more widely available is that the price of the cameras that feature it have come down in price. In this roundup, we will take a quick look at five cameras with IBIS that can be snapped up for under $2,000. Continue reading…