Opinion: A New Nikon Rangefinder Mirrorless Might Surprise Us All

A recent post from the folks at NikonRumors hinted at the possibility of an upcoming entry-level model in Nikon’s mirrorless lineup. Based on some patent drawings for a camera mount, it shows a mirrorless camera without an EVF. While this model might look like the Sony a7c, I’m hoping the Nikon Z4 (as the report says it might be named) will actually be a digital Nikon rangefinder camera.

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Opinion: A Nikon Retro Mirrorless Camera is Everything We Want

If NikonRumors gets this one right (and they have a high success rate of doing so), then a film SLR styled Mirrorless body could be coming to Nikon’s lineup soon.

Whether it’s Leica’s M and Q cameras, Fuji’s X series, or the Olympus OM-D and PEN collection, there’s always been something appealing about digital cameras housed in a vintage body. I don’t own cameras from either of these brands. But to me, they represent some of the most beautifully designed digital cameras made. I agree with the views of our EIC Chris when he speaks about the beauty in the design of the Olympus PEN-F (a camera that’s long overdue for an update now). For the most part today, camera brands tend to match each other in specifications such as megapixels, frames per second, high ISO values and noise handling. But where is Nikon?

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Reports State Panasonic’s New Full Frame Mirrorless Camera is a Leica

Panasonic seems to enjoy making cameras for Leica on the side, since they sell better with the Leica branding anyway

According to a recent 4/3 Rumors post, Leica is on its way to announcing a new full frame mirrorless camera, said to be a new Leica SL. If you’ve been following some of Leica’s releases, you most likely won’t be surprised to find out that it will be made of Panasonic guts. Japan-based digital photography rumors website Nokishita confirms this with a list of unpublished registrations. It includes a camera by Leica, which will have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, and the same parts from Panasonic’s Lumix TX2 and Lumix GX9 (called GX7 Mark III in Japan).

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Sony’s Rumored NEX Full Frame Camera May Launch With a Small Let Down


Whenever I read rumors like this, I always say to myself, “Please don’t be real.” There have been rumors for the Sony Full Frame NEX E mount camera going around for a while, and we now also believe that it is in the hands of photographers at a French Photo Agency. But according to a report on Sony Alpha Rumors today, the launch of the camera will come with a let down that lots will really rip the heart out for many. But first for some good news: the cameras–yes there are apparently two of them–will be styled after the NEX 7.

Word on the street is that the system might not launch with any really good lenses. If you remember, when Fujifilm launched the X Pro 1, we were all smitten by the available lenses. And as many people that are more savvy know, the important part of a camera system is its lenses. There was a patent put in for full frame mirrorless lens 24mm f1.8 and 35mm f2.8 lenses. The 35mm seems to be a pancake though–which would explain the slower aperture speed.

In a piece we wrote a while ago, we talked about how mirrorless camera systems could best the DSLR world. And one of the major points that we made was lens selection and working with other folks. If you also remember from earlier on this year, Sigma announced a mount conversation service. We’re positive that there will be a new A mount adapter of some sort–and that will also mean that if I personally choose to purchase this camera, I can just send my glass over to the company and have the mount converted to Sony A mount.