Beautiful and Almost Perfect – Billingham Eventer Mini Review

The cool thing about Billingham bags is that they last a very long time. On the camera bag market, their durability is truly second to none. The brand has also been around for a very long time and their products aren’t made cheaply. In 10 years, your bank account will thank you. Today, they’re announcing the new Billingham Eventer Mini. It’s a smaller version of their Eventer messenger bag (which is an even smaller Hadley more or less). It’s as durable as it is beautiful. However, there are some modern updates Billingham really needs to make at this point.

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Stylish and Compact: The Gorgeous Billingham Hadley Small Pro

Essentials is a series featuring products we’re currently lusting over in quick, bite-sized posts. Today, we’re looking at the Billingham Hadley Small Pro Camera Bag.

Photographers tend to disagree about a lot of things. This is especially true when it comes to camera bags. The perfect camera bag simply doesn’t exist. A camera bag that may suit the needs of one photographer may be woefully inadequate for others. If you’re the type of photographer who likes to keep a low profile and travel with a compact kit, however, the Billingham Hadley Small Pro comes pretty darn close to perfection. At the time of writing, the COVID-19 pandemic is sweeping across the world. For photographers that need to get around, the ability to travel light has become more critical than ever. For the last couple of months, I’ve been using the Billingham Hadley Small Pro whenever I needed to test photo gear out in the wild (with a mask on while maintaining social distancing, of course). It’s allowed me to carry just enough gear while maintaining a small footprint. The fact that the Grey Canvas & Black Leather version of the Hadley Small Pro looks absolutely gorgeous is undoubtedly a bonus. You can’t really go wrong with the other colorways available, though.

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