4 Ways Camera Manufacturers Fail Photographers

We’re all fans of some photography brands. Some hold a special place in our hearts, and many among us defend them to no end. Other brands we can’t stand, and we secretly wish our favorite brand would do better than them. But this article isn’t about which brands are outshining others. Almost all leading camera manufacturers are guilty of doing (or not doing) one or more of the points below. What is worrying is that some of these unhealthy trends have continued for years. And manufacturers don’t seem to want to address these anytime soon. Which ones do you find most annoying?

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The Camera Manufacturers Have to Learn This Important Lesson

I’ve always been fascinated by the small amount of hype the photo world can produce, and camera manufacturers still don’t seem to understand its value. Not long ago, we witnessed the Watch world basically turn into chaos with the Omega x Swatch collaboration. For years, this has made me wonder why the photo world couldn’t create this much hype. Apple can do it, and many other brands can too. But for some odd reason, the camera world just doesn’t understand that they can produce an affordable luxury that everyone will flock to.

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Dear Kodak, This is the Best Time to Make Sensors Again

It’s time that Kodak gets back to the image sensor business.

Dearest Kodak,

I remember fondly back to a time when you made imaging sensors. Specifically, I remember the ones you sold to Leica. They were wonderful. The sensors you made too were wonderful. Sadly, the industry didn’t appreciate them. And I hold myself partially responsible for not appreciating what your sensors did at lower ISOs. All we cared about were high ISO results. But if there were ever a time for you to come back to the digital photo world, now is the time, Kodak.

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Camera Manufacturers Disagree on How to Disinfect Your Cameras

With Coronavirus fears and photographers needing to possibly handoff cameras on shoots to assistants, we asked Camera manufacturers about how to keep your camera clean. 

“(I’d) imagine that other manufacturers haven’t considered use of disinfectants on photographic equipment,” says Mark Weir, Senior Manager of Technology at Sony. When I emailed the camera manufacturers about this story, I wasn’t expecting conflicting answers. Yet, as I wrote this article, it became a bit confusing. In some ways, manufacturers are saying the same things. But in other ways, one has to remember that camera manufacturers use different materials and finishes on their cameras. To that end, we got different dialogues. Amidst Coronavirus fears, we talked to manufacturers, a former Doctor, and an Insurance provider for freelancers about what to do.

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Dear Manufacturers: It’s 2015. Why Aren’t You Doing This Yet?

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Canon 7D Mk II review images portraits (2 of 2)ISO 4001-160 sec at f - 4.0

Dear Manufacturers of Traditional Cameras,

We want to commend you. In a world seemingly dominated by the smartphone and Instagram, you guys are still finding ways to kill it. You’re finding ways to innovate, meet customer demands, stay profitable, and keep gear heads as hungry as an addict looking for meth.

Congratulations: you’re making the camera appeal much more to customers. Heck, pretty much every single one of you have acknowledged that all folks want to do is take a selfie and post it online.

You’ve found ways to add connectivity to phones and tablets that we’ve never dreamed of before. And for the most part, while all of you have your own special take on it, it works. Not a single person except for the most technically inept person could complain.

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