#CakeAngry Features Angry New Yorkers Smashing Cake


All images by Geoff Levy. Used with permission

New Yorkers can be very angry people sometimes. So what better thing to take their anger out on than something so very cherished and loved by nerds everywhere–cake! That’s the concept behind Geoff Levy’s project entitled Cake Angry. Geoff tells us that the project started around a month ago. “I was on a photo shoot for a certain celebrity. While we were given FOURTY cakes to work with, we only ended up using three in the setups, leaving me stuck with this plethora of pastries.” says Mr. Levy. “I debated delivering the rejected desserts to the dumpster when it dawned on me—I could be frustrated at the waste and inefficiency, or I could channel this into something greater.” was born.

Somehow or another, Geoff considered getting New Yorkers to smash the delicious pastries on death row–and at the same time made them look amazing. Geoff considers the series a homage to those frustrating, wasteful instances of living in the city, pent up then purged via punting, punching, judo-chopping, and smashing into taxi windshields. The project features friends of his in different areas of the city to showcase different areas.

But you have to think: did any of the frosting get on the gear? Geoff says that for the most part the gear was frosting free–but his camera bag now smells like a birthday party.

More of the images from #CakeAngry are after the jump.

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