Holiday 2012: The Best Bang For Your Buck Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Cameras

Mirrorless cameras have grown tremendously in popularity. Not everyone has jumped on board yet though; but luckily enough for you there are tons of them that excel in features and image quality and are now really affordable.

Here’s a quick rundown for you for Sony NEX and Micro Four Thirds cameras: the two most developed camera systems. But if you’re already locked in, consider this post on essential upgrades for M 4/3. Want even more? Check out our reviews index.


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Review: Argus 50mm f3.5 Cintar Hacked for Canon EOS

One of the keys to developing your own photographic style is getting a look that nobody else has. Since cutting down my photography kit to three primes, I’ve thought about what else I could add to get a different look while mixing in my own knowledge of photography to the pot. Then one day, while looking at an old camera on my desk, I decided to hack the lens off of an old Argus C3. After hours of internet research, I found that nobody has created an adapter for the lens to Canon EOS mount. So I took it to a machinist and had the lens custom adapted to my 5D Mk II.

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