Pimp Your Camera: Accessories to Refresh Your Camera’s Boring Look

There is no reason for your camera to look standard and dull; let everyone know that it’s clearly yours.

Here at the Phoblographer, we’re all about aesthetics–and that’s why we think every photographer should do what they can to truly call their camera their own. Lucky for you, there are a plethora of accessories on the market designed to do just that. Some are functional, while others are fashionable, but very few manage to walk the line. For the photographer looking to add some peacock and flair to their camera, we dove into our Reviews Index to figure out just what the best selections would be for that purpose.

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First Impressions: Ricoh GR III (Street Photographers, Pay Attention)

We got to take a closer look at the Ricoh GR III recently; it seems to be a whole lot of the same.

The Ricoh GR III is a camera street photographers have been waiting for for a really long time. Depending on who you are you perhaps wanted different things. Its predecessor, the Ricoh GR II, still proves to be popular amongst the street photography community for its small size, great image quality, leaf shutter lens, and overall low profile look. Lots of photographers use it, but it surely does have its flaws. The Ricoh GR III promises to improve on some of those flaws and also adds new features such as image sensor stabilization. Photographers have been waiting years for this camera and there was even a period of time where its predecessor was tough to come by due to supply issues. To be honest, I think Ricoh could create a higher end and lower end model for this camera to build out the offerings even more.

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Instagram Finally Gets the Hint About Chronological Feeds – Kinda

Many have complained about Instagram’s change from a chronological feed to an algorithm based feed

It’s been some time now since Instagram decided to ditch their chronological feed in favor of a more Facebook-esq algorithmic feed designed to show you what it thinks you want to see. As with any major change, the move was hit with a lot of criticism, much of which seemed to fall on deaf ears at Instagram. Despite a lot of outcry, the company continued to launch new feature after new feature, while mostly ignoring the complaints about the algorithm-based feed.

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Review: Bashert Jewelry Leica Shutter Release Buttons

Fujifilm and Leica camera owners may really appreciate the Bashert Jewelry Leica Shutter Release buttons.

Though they may seem like just jewelry, the Bashert Jewelry Leica Shutter Release buttons have a fair amount of functionality to them as well as customization. You should know first and foremost that they’re made of Sterling Silver. That may sound a bit too bourgeois for some folks, but if you’re into customizations and a bit of the tactile experience, then you’ll understand how these can be really nice. For the uninitiated, soft shutter release buttons make the experience of pushing your camera shutter easier with less effort but without making them more sensitive. That doesn’t sound like such a big task until you actually experience it in person. I’d liken the experience to using an actual keyboard vs the one that you’ve got on the touchscreen device that many of you are using to read this blog post. There surely is a difference. I’d hate to write a long, essay format email on my iPhone 8 Plus but on my iMac’s Keyboard that would be significantly simpler to do. Synonymously, hammering a camera shutter over and over again can put some wear and tear on your fingers and hands in combination with typing on your phone, typing on a computer, etc.

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