Michron is an Affordable Way to Do Timelapses


A new Kickstarter for a device called the Michron is trying to make timelapse shooting easier for everyone. The Michron is a a tiny device that mounts into your hot shoe and then connects to your camera via cable. The device holds information that you send to it via your phone. In turn, this means that you’ll need to download an app from the Google Play store or App store.

In order to send the information, you’ll need to connect to the Michron via a cable. Once the info is all sent, then it will be ready to go and all you need to do is disconnect your phone.

Though the idea has been done already, not many folks can boast a battery life of 2,500 hours–which means you can pretty much shoot timelapses non-stop. It allows you to do things like bulb ramping, interval ramping, HDR bracketing and more.

If successful, we’re positive that the company will go on to do even more. Considering that they’re taking the mobile approach, they can also figure out a way to do this via ad hoc wifi or maybe even bluetooth.

An introduction video is after the jump.

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Use Bulb Ramping to Make Your Timelapse Exposures Smoother

Bulb Ramping Tutorial from Joel Schat on Vimeo.

Bulb Ramping is a method of using an intervalometer to make minute changes to a camera during a timelapse capture sequence–and of course this needs to be done in bulb mode. It will overall make the video that you’re trying to create have a smoother transition if you’re shooting from day to night. Alternatively, you could set the camera to an auto mode and then try to de-flickr in post, but that will overall be very taxing on your computer’s video memory. The video above shows you how to do that and tries to educate the viewer more on the method, but it also tries to pitch a new product: the PromoSystems Controller.

Make sure you have a good and fast memory card too, as they tell you to shoot RAWs.

It’s worth it to check out the entire video.