Garry Winogrand’s Color Street Photo Exhibit is Enthralling and Confusing

Color, the latest Garry Winogrand exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum, parades the great street photographer’s work for the Instagram generation.

Those who head out to see the Garry Winogrand’s Color slide work at the Brooklyn Museum will most likely be photographers; and those photographers will be given a fantastic treat for most of the exhibit. While Color showcases a number of these images with incredible justice to the great street photographer, I spent some of my time in the exhibit scratching my head with a number of questions. I’ve personally had a very on and off relationship with Garry Winogrand’s work–and Color has done a lot for further selling me on his photography. While my problem with the exhibit isn’t the way that most of the images are portrayed, attendees will spend most of the time in a particular, single room.

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