10 Important Tips for Making the Most of Adobe Lightroom


For many photographers, Adobe Lightroom has become their preferred photo-editing application. Designed specifically to serve the needs of photographers, the software has become a valuable tool for organizing, editing and outputting digital images. As powerful as the application is, it’s easy fail to take advantage of some key features or make some mistakes when applying some of its features.

Here’s what you should be doing.

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Basic Tips on Photo Archival

Now that you’ve had some fun capturing great photos and touching up the images to arrive at a finished product, it’s time for a less fun task – that of backing up all those files. This is one of the more mundane parts of being a photographer, but if you don’t, you risk losing all the moments you’ve frozen in time and the work you’ve put into them. So, what are some of the best methods and options for this?

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