Paul Kessel Found his Love for Street Photography After Turning 70

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“A photograph does not succeed by content alone”, says Paul Kessel, a retired psychologist and professor from New York. “Photography is about vision, persistence, perception, memory, lots of practice, patience, and so many other elements beyond technique”. As someone who made his foray into photography a lot later than most people do, Paul’s street work has garnered various accolades in the USA and globally. His persistence to head out often to capture his next best street photograph won him 1st place at the 2020 Miami Street Photography Festival, among other global accolades.

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Tony Corbell: 7 Questions on the Truth About Photography

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All images shot by Tony Corbell. Used with permission.

Tony Corbell has photographed hundreds of faces and hundreds of weddings. From heads of state and astronauts to newlyweds, Corbell’s career has spanned decades and earned him accolades. He also gives seminars and hosts workshops to help new photographers cultivate their vision. Aside from being a Kelby teacher, he is doing a workshop on creativeLive soon. Tony has also been shooting since 1979–which is longer than many of us have even been around.

Here, he shares his insights with us about the industry and the deep things that go into the creation of a photograph.

This December 9-11, Tony will teach a course on creativeLIVE dedicated entirely to studio lighting. During the course, which is free to stream live, Tony will explain lighting basics as well as the subtle lighting adjustments that turn average images into extraordinary. 

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Photographer Recreates Famous Paintings Using His Daughter


Photos Used with Permission from Photographer Bill Gekas

Bill Gekas is an award winning photographer out of Australia and a recent piece that he did tips the scale in terms of portraiture and fine art. Bill found inspiration in paintings from the old masters, and while perusing through their work got the idea to recreate the works through photos. Now, this has been done before, but once someone considers how much set design (or masterful Photoshopping) goes into this, then you begin to understand why these images are just so much more beautiful.

With that said though, they do quite the job of standing out on their own. Take a look at some selects after the jump.

Via Fashionably Geek


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