Video: An Autofocus Test. Canon vs Panasonic vs Sony vs Fujifilm

Which one: Canon, Panasonic, Sony or Fujifilm for Autofocus?

In response to comments we’ve gotten regarding our complaints about Panasonic’s autofocus, we created a video putting four systems against each other. We put them all in the same situation and had them autofocus on a moving subject. In this case, it was a subject that wasn’t moving very fast. The results? Check out our YouTube video to find out. The results confirm what we’ve known with Panasonic and the L mount alliance in general. Also, Sony is still king.

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Field Review: Canon 1D Mk IV (Day 7)

Canon 1D Mk IV users will surely be using their cameras to shoot professional sports like baseball. I went to Central Park the other day to shoot a game in progress. The autofocus did not disappoint at all with this camera, nor did the high ISO performance. Though sports isn’t something I usually shoot and it requires paying careful attention to all the details, the tests I did showed that the 1D Mk IV was able to keep up with faster action the way that the Nikon D3s was able to.

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