Yannick Schurwanz Was An Athlete. Now He Lights Them Creatively

“In the end, we are all just human beings, and that’s often forgotten with athletes. That is also the case as a photographer,” says Dutch photographer Yannick Schurwanz. He was a former competitive athlete when an injury forced him to the sidelines for a few weeks. Picking up a camera during this period got him a funny nickname and a future photography career.

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ALCHEMY: Michel Leroy Photographs Athletes in Black and White (NSFW)

All images by Michel Leroy. Used with permission.

“It took months of experimenting with different techniques and combinations of digital and film equipment to achieve this unique in-camera look,” photographer Michel Leroy tells us about his series Alchemy. “It is the combination of gear and lighting that gives the skin the unique dark metallic look not body paint or Photoshop.” Tonight, Michel is unveiling the project to the public at a gallery opening in NYC. Michel is a commercial photographer these days, after a previous life as a photojournalist. So when it came to Alchemy, Michel was all about creating a series of images that helped him with his experiments. He wanted to explore a single idea in depth. So he went about collaborating with a number of athletes and experimenting to get this look all in-camera with no photoshop.

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Jason Halayko Shoots with Passion for Action

All images and words by Jason Halayko. Used with permission.

My name is Jason Halayko, and I am a Canadian-born photographer who is now based in Tokyo, Japan. I have been doing photography for around 20 years (since many hours of time in the high school darkroom) and have been doing it as a full professional for the last 3 years. The main types of photography that do would be action sports, portraits, street photography, event photography, etc. I personally really love shooting action photography and working with the crazy athletes that take their sports to the extreme edge and even beyond at many times. This is what I am best known for as a photographer, and especially for my work with Red Bull here in Japan over the last 10 years.

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This Shoot Makes Athletes Play With a Fireball

All images by Ray Demski. Used with permission.

“I always try to keep shooting personal work, and coming up with new ideas (of stuff) I’d like to shoot…” says photographer Ray Demski about his Fireball photo project. “Sometimes just throwing out crazy, often impossible ideas until something sticks.” For Fireball, he put some thought into how he could take freestyle football (or soccer as we call it in the US) to the next level. Then he thought about using a fireball.

“A fireball.. that would be spectacular.. and difficult,” Ray thought to himself. “…a lot of research and a month later I was doing the first tests with our SFX coordinator, it was amazing!”

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Ben Franke Mixes Parkour with Powder


All images by Ben Franke. Used with permission.

Photographer Ben Franke is a New York-based German/American photographer and his work focuses on movement across a range of athletic disciplines. A new project of his called Parkour Motion is on display at the Leica Gallery Soho here in NYC. Essentially, he’s been photographing the athletes in attempt to capture the energy of the sport in a single still image.

Ben found that the best way to do this involved powder and flash.

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Double Exposures of Major League Soccer Players



Kyle Beckerman

All images by Tim Tadder. Used with permission.

Photographer Tim Tadder is best known for creating powerful portraits and high action intense sports imagery–and that’s why his clients are Adidas, Under Armor, Sony and many more. Based in Southern California, he was raised in Baltimore where his father was a team photographers for the Baltimore Orioles and Baltimore Colts.

He recently posted about a project involving creating double exposures of MLS athletes. Like many other photographers, he says that the toughest part of this type of photography is the concepting and ensuring that the images are effective.

We talked to Tim about his start as a photographer and his creative thought process when doing the project.

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Corey Jenkins on Photographing Crossfit Athletes


All images by Corey Jenkins. Used with permission.

Corey Jenkins is an advertising photographer located in Southern California and he’s always had a thing for photographing sports. In high school, he would photograph his friends riding skateboards, playing sports, riding bikes, etc. But a leg injury prevented him from running for a while and that solidified him spending time on the sidelines shooting rather than playing.

Flash forward to 2015, and he’s recently shown off an incredible photo project highlighting Crossfit athletes as they train for a competition. We talked to him about how he created the scenes, gaining the trust of athletes, and his mentality when going into the project.

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Hilarity at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics Ensues

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 8.14.06 AM

Things have not gone well at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics from the beginning. From unfinished hotel rooms and roads to athletes getting locked in their bathrooms and Olympic rings glitching at the opening ceremony no less, it seems like the people responsible for the whole event has had their work cut out for them. This year’s Olympic games seem so disastrous and so sad, in fact, that it sometimes feels like news media outlets are reporting on Sochi mishaps more than they are on the actual games.

Of course, while the reporters and athletes are not very happy with the situation they’ve found themselves in, they are, along with the rest of the world, taking things in stride, at times even taking on the humorous side of things. It’s hard not to smile at the awkward yet slightly adorable antics of the Russian Police Choir as they performed their rendition of Daft Punk’s Get Lucky in all cheery seriousness or at possibly the longest and slowest Olympic flame-lighting ceremony ever.

Most recently, Bryan Wood tweeted a precious photo of an old lady trying to take photos of the Russia/Slovenia hockey game while holding her little point-and-shoot backwards and it might just be the greatest thing that came out of Sochi.

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ESPN Recreates Famous Album Covers Using Athletes; Real Katy Perry Is Still Hotter


Photos by Matthias Clamer & ESPN

Every now and then, a creative director is given some extra leeway and some extra budget money to actually do something cool and creative. In this case, Matthias Clamer photographed famous music album covers using athletes. Among the covers are those from Nirvana, Beyonce, RUN DMC, Michael Jackson,  and more. But perhaps my favorite is the one remake of a Bob Dylan cover. There is something just so humanly romantic to it yet as a photographer who has spent lots of time behind the lens photographing weddings and engagements, I can see many photographers creating nearly the same image while making viewers want to be either the man or woman in the photo. That’s not to say that Matthias’s work can easily be duplicated necessarily; but that the concept is simplistic and works very well for the image.

There is a full round of on If It’s Hip, It’s Here. Sadly, Dave Chapelle wasn’t used as Rick James.

Via If It’s Hip, It’s Here

PS: Did anyone see Katy Perry’s Dress last night at the Grammy’s? Man, oh man.