Katerina Vo Explores Emotions Around Nationalism in a New Series

“Nationalism in itself is intimately linked to gender and sexuality,” says photographer and cultural analyst Katerina Vo about the idea behind her photo series Fatherland. It delves deep into the interwoven relationships between her father and her homeland, the USA. A lot of complex emotions and feelings stemming from her personal experiences poured themselves into this project.

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Ian Forsyth: The Integrity of the Pictures is Paramount

All images and text by Ian Forsyth. Used with permission.

It doesn’t matter if you take quick snaps on an iphone or carry around the latest Nikon or whatever. Taking pictures is what it’s all about but also remember to value your work. If you don’t, who will? I’m not saying it’s all about money but don’t be afraid to charge for your work if making a living is what you’re trying to do. A byline only agreement doesn’t pay a food bill. Retain your copyright! It’s your work so don’t give it away. Respect who you shoot whoever they are and be responsible with your work. At the same time enjoy it! Being a photographer is an amazing thing! It can be expensive, frustrating, annoying at times, sometimes unrewarding and it can be demoralising and takes over all aspects of your life…but it’s still the best job in the world!

I’m a freelance documentary photographer based in Saltburn by the Sea on the north east coast of England. I work mainly as a stringer photographer for Getty Images covering features and news in my area but I also shoot personal projects as well as the occasional corporate commission or local newspaper shift.

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