Tyson Rininger Spends Quality Time with Natural Underwater Beauties

“Very few people have ever been as close as I have,” explains Monterey Bay Aquarium’s photographer Tyson Rininger when asked how incredible his job is. He’s had some fascinating encounters with underwater creatures big and small and has a job many photographers would envy. How many photographers can actually say they’ve spent time in an elevator with a shark?

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Tackling Southern California with the Sony A99: Fast Cars, Helicopters, Sunsets and Aquariums

In the past 24 hours, I’ve been testing lots of new cameras from Sony. But the one that I seem to consistently reach for is the A99. By far, it has to be one of the best cameras I’ve ever tested and its versatility makes my jaw drop. It has also opened up a ton of possibilities to me: I’ve shot better sports photos with the camera, better landscapes (and I really think I suck at landscapes though some like my work) and I’ve also for the first time created video with very little camera shake while shooting handheld with a DSLR. The video will come in a later post, but here are my impressions for my experiences today.

Editor’s Note: be sure to check out our three way full frame comparison test, the NEX 6 vs the X Pro 1, our studio shoot with the A99, our first studio sample with the camera, and a high ISO/long exposure.

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