Animated Short ‘NONE’ Is a Mesmerizing, Photo-Realistic Surreal Journey

Video and screenshots by Ash Thorp. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Today, we’re taking a quick break from our usual photography-centric features to bring you NONE, a mesmerizing animated short by illustrator, designer, and director Ash Thorp.

NONE is a personal project Ash created in collaboration with fellow multidisciplinary artist Chris Bjerre during a three week break from client work in the hopes of developing their craft even further. A lovely instrumental track by musician Ben Lukas Boysen wraps the video up perfectly.

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Using Motion and Transitions to Catch Attention on Instagram

It’s the name of the game these days, and this tip could help catch some eyeballs on your Insta

Instagram is king right now for photographers, and while you may be doing alright utilizing the social network in a fairly straightforward way, are you leaving views and likes and followers on the table? Probably. But this tip today could help you capture some of those things that you aren’t already and the more eyeballs the more chances you have to get hired right?

We’ve featured Peter McKinnon on here before, for good reason. He is always producing quality video content on Youtube and just generally rocking the whole social media game. Well, in this video, which is somewhat of a follow up to another video he did a while back about standing out on Instagram, McKinnon teams up with his buddy Alen to talk about using motion and transitions to help catch more attention on Instagram Stories.

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Disney’s Animation Multiplane Camera Is A Blast From The Past

It could be argued that for my generation, no other company had such an impact on our early childhood entertainment than did Disney. Beyond the children watching their cartoons, though, their impact on entertainment and animation technology should go without saying.

One of those many innovations was their Multiplane Camera, and it is really cool from both a photography and animation perspective. This camera was essentially how Disney as able to create semi-realistic three-dimensional environments back in the hand-drawn animation days. Continue reading…

Virgin Atlantic Releases New Animated In-Flight Safety Video, Pays Homage to Movie Genres


The Virgin Group is vastly known not only for its great airlines (I know I’m a fan) and very effective branding but also for its uncanny ability to present and sell its products in new, creative, and fun ways. I mean, who could forget Virgin America’s latest in-flight safety video, which features catchy singing and a lot of dancing and is nothing short of awesome.

We’re not so sure about this latest one the conglomerate released, though. For its new in-flight safety video, Virgin Atlantic pays homage to movie genres. The video is essentially a series of animated vignettes (or a montage if you like) of movie scenes – complete with car chases, (not-so) impressive sea monsters, and voiceovers with different (even less impressive) accents – and includes everything from classic black-and-white movies and old westerns to superhero movies and James Bond.

Don’t get us wrong. Creative directors Clement Bolla and Mike Moloney and their team of talented animators at Art & Graft did a really great job with it. It’s definitely more entertaining that many other in-flight safety videos out there, which usually bore the heck out of people. However, it doesn’t actually keep your attention for very long either. At least, not like Virgin America’s song-and-dance production does.

Then again, we’re not exactly the world experts on in-flight safety films. So don’t take our word for it. Watch the video after the jump and let us know what you think.

Via DesignTaxi
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Ever Wonder What All the Different Photoshop Filters Do? This Video Shows You.

Device Photoshop Filter Video Screenshot

Photoshop is an incredible piece of (software) engineering that’s getting better and better with each iteration. Also, the number of tools and options it has to offer is constantly rising. So it probably comes as no surprise that many of us haven’t really a clue what all the different effect filters actually do–mainly because we don’t have the time to try them out one by one. Well, the guys from Device took that time, and not only did they try out every single Photoshop filter, they also compiled a video that shows them all off. Yes, all of them. But it gets better. They then created a soundtrack for the video that translates each filter into sound. We’ve got not idea how they did it, but it’s brilliant. And in case the videos is too fast paced for you to digest it all on the fly, they also created a tumblr that shows off each filter as an animated GIF file. Brilliant. Did I mention this is brilliant? You’ll find the video past the break.

Via Imaging Resource

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