6 Examples of the Creative Possibilities with Instant Film (NSFW)

Instant film is the perfect combination of attitudes new and old. It has the classic film vibe while offering the instant gratification today’s society demands. Instant film cameras are awesome ice breakers too. They’re cool for parties, and everyone wants to hang with the person who owns one. However, one shouldn’t confuse them as being merely a gimmick. Photographers have been known to make remarkable work with instants. Don’t believe us? Take a look.

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Andy Willis: Beautiful Portrait Photography on Bleached Polaroids

All images by Andrew Willis. Used with permission.

“It was really a return to analog,” says Photographer Andrew Willis, one who despite also shooting digital these days still loves what film is capable of doing. “I can blame going to university to study a Bachelor of Photography.” He’s been shooting for a really long time and therefore is one of the photographers who have survived the film days into the digital days.

Andrew believes that analog film photography has a special character and uniqueness to it that the pristine quality of digital simply can’t deliver.


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