How to Clean Camera Lens Elements (Don’t Do This One Thing)

I’m sure everyone has done it–cleaning with vinegar, that is. But should you be cleaning your lens with it? The question of how to clean camera lens elements is a big one that causes lots of stress. What if you wear off the coatings? How much cleaning do you truly need to do? If you’re newer to photography or have never done these things, it will be anxiety-inducing. But don’t worry, we’ve talked to tons of pros over the years from various camera companies. But we also know what you shouldn’t do.

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How to Clean Your Camera Lens: The CIA’s Guide

Declassified is an original Phoblographer series that digs deep into historical documents to examine how the government used photography.

I’ve seen some pretty crazy things get recommended for cleaning lenses. A few years ago, Pop Photo said that Vodka worked. We’ve done a few demonstrations with Isopropyl alcohol. But a document in the CIA’s archive is different. Their approach is a lot more like what an eye doctor would say today about your glasses. One would wonder why a document like this needed to be written. Well, of course, someone was messing up big time. And cleaning lenses with anti-reflective coatings needed a reference document.

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Camera Manufacturers Disagree on How to Disinfect Your Cameras

With Coronavirus fears and photographers needing to possibly handoff cameras on shoots to assistants, we asked Camera manufacturers about how to keep your camera clean. 

“(I’d) imagine that other manufacturers haven’t considered use of disinfectants on photographic equipment,” says Mark Weir, Senior Manager of Technology at Sony. When I emailed the camera manufacturers about this story, I wasn’t expecting conflicting answers. Yet, as I wrote this article, it became a bit confusing. In some ways, manufacturers are saying the same things. But in other ways, one has to remember that camera manufacturers use different materials and finishes on their cameras. To that end, we got different dialogues. Amidst Coronavirus fears, we talked to manufacturers, a former Doctor, and an Insurance provider for freelancers about what to do.

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How Photo Walking Helped Me Get Out of Obesity and Gave Me a Better Life

Photo walking is honestly one of the best things that you can do for you, your mind and your body.

I posted a joke the other day to my personal Instagram: I can only have fun when I bring three or more cameras with me. Except in some ways, it isn’t a joke. I’ll bring an Instant film camera and any combination of either two film cameras, two digital or one of each. These cameras are what I’ll take with me for a day of actually getting out there and photo walking–which has become more and more of not only a rediscovered hobby of mine, but a way of life. Since giving it a genuine effort since the beginning of the year, I’ve lost 35lbs, beat obesity, have a normalized heart rate, a better blood pressure, and I’ve challenged my creative mind in ways that I never had the time to do previously.

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