COVID-19 Sent Photographer Michel Leroy Down AC/DC’s Highway to Hell

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Michel Leroy is an entertainment and advertising photographer based out of New York. As most of you are undoubtedly aware, New York is one of the cities hardest hit by the novel coronavirus outbreak. As a result, much of the photography industry in New York is in a holding pattern at the moment. To say that we’re living in interesting times right now would be quite an understatement. Creativity is what drives us as photographers. But how do you create when we’re all confined within our homes? When the whole world is essentially on pause? Looking to social media for inspiration, Michel stumbled upon his friend Phil Adams’ recreation of Blondie’s Parallel Lines album cover using found objects from around the house. This project led Michel to do a similar project with his family. For his take on the concept, Michel decided on AC/DC’s classic Highway to Hell cover. With celebrity chefs and Olympic athletes amongst his subjects, Michel’s produced style lends an authentic connection to these personalities. His images reveal a level of comfort and vitality shared amongst friends, and you can clearly see this on display here.

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Baron Walton: I Really Love Shooting Album Covers

All images by Baron Walton. Used with permission.

Photographer Baron Walton is a truly creative type of photographer and he partially attributes this to being extroverted. “I develop a concept that I pitch to the artist/client,” says Baron in an email to the Phoblographer where he continues to state his work being concept driven. “It’s a form of visual communication that tells you something about the artist – even if you are not aware of them, you will understand something about their style.” We’ve all heard stories about how difficult it is to photograph artists on tour; but Baron has learned how to make the most of it.

Here’s his story!

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Covers of Our Favorite LPs Superimposed in Google Street View


Here’s something rad that might just get your music geek on.

Listen up, all you music fans out there (and, I mean, who isn’t?!), British newspaper The Guardian recently put together and published a collection of images that features famous albums covers superimposed in Google Street View.

The man responsible for this series is Halley Docherty, The Guardian’s Google Street View Specialist (up until now, I didn’t even know this title exists). He’s done these street view collages before, publishing similar series twice before but using classic world and London paintings instead.

In his third series, he’s taken covers of some of everybody’s all-time favorite classic LPs, from The Beatles to Beastie Boys, from Bob Dylan and Led Zep to Eminem and The Streets, overlaying them onto their modern-day location counterparts as pictured in Google Street View. He has even taken the time to add some commentaries to each of his superimposed creations.

Not only is this series so good, its concept is so simple I don’t know why anybody’s ever thought of it before, considering a good few spend hours browsing through Google Maps. But we can spend our all our time arguing about the whys or we can just check out the awesome images from this series after the jump. And if you love these, maybe you should go and check out Docherty’s other Google Street View series here.

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Clever Portrait Series Features Record Album Covers for Faces


Normen Gadiel is a a 29 year old creative that specializes in portraits. He sent us over a series that he did for a friend as a gift. “I did this together with a friend of mine. She wanted a special birthday present for her boyfriend. During talking about what we could make the idea (of) the vinyl covers was born because her boyfriend is (a) real fan of vinyls. There was (no) inspiration for it. We planned the (clothing, light, accessories and the right place.)”

This isn’t the first time this has been done before and many photographers have tried to take portraits without showing faces and they often turn out to be quite whimsical.

More from this series is after the jump. But be sure to check out more from Normen at his website.

lens rental

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ESPN Recreates Famous Album Covers Using Athletes; Real Katy Perry Is Still Hotter


Photos by Matthias Clamer & ESPN

Every now and then, a creative director is given some extra leeway and some extra budget money to actually do something cool and creative. In this case, Matthias Clamer photographed famous music album covers using athletes. Among the covers are those from Nirvana, Beyonce, RUN DMC, Michael Jackson,  and more. But perhaps my favorite is the one remake of a Bob Dylan cover. There is something just so humanly romantic to it yet as a photographer who has spent lots of time behind the lens photographing weddings and engagements, I can see many photographers creating nearly the same image while making viewers want to be either the man or woman in the photo. That’s not to say that Matthias’s work can easily be duplicated necessarily; but that the concept is simplistic and works very well for the image.

There is a full round of on If It’s Hip, It’s Here. Sadly, Dave Chapelle wasn’t used as Rick James.

Via If It’s Hip, It’s Here

PS: Did anyone see Katy Perry’s Dress last night at the Grammy’s? Man, oh man.